Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Director’s Statement by HO, Chao-ti

Five years ago I started filming stories about clothes and shoes. As fate would have it, I visited a production line for brand-name high-heeled shoes. I discovered that making a pair of shoes is really complicated, and involves materials from many different places. At the time I thought, if I traced further and further upstream from this production line, what would I see? And where would my search for these people lead me? On the other hand, if I explored the downstream end of this production line, whose feet would ultimately wear these beautiful shoes? From upstream to downstream, how different would be the dreams that each of these people have?

So it was that I started to search for the main characters of this story, and also to ask them what their dreams were. This was a wholly unforgettable experience. From extreme poverty to extreme affluence, I saw disparities in this world that truly make a person sigh.

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