Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About the Director and Awards

About the Director

HO Chao-ti is an independent producer and director. She also works at CNEX Foundation Taipei office as Production Director. For several years she has made films centered on marginalized communities and non-mainstream issues, such as the impact of globalization and contemporary cultural hybridity.

Due to her unique vision, HO Chao-ti’s works have been featured in film festivals round the world, receiving numerous awards. With a rich and complex cinematic vocabulary, her films, distinguished by their artistic expression, have been screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In recent years she has released a series of documentaries on international issues, to wide acclaim.


The Columbus International Film and Video Festival
 – The Chris Awards – Honorable Mention
Montana CINE Film Festival – Honorable Mention
Taipei Film Festival – Special Jury Award
Champion, Shorts, 2011 Chinese Documentary Festival in Hong Kong
Japan Wildlife Film Festival 2011, Outstanding Message Award
Golden Harvest Award of Excellence, Taiwan

Officially Selected –
MoMA’s Documentary Fortnight, NYC, US
I’ve Seen Films International Film Festival、
Green Screen International Wildlife Film Festival in Germany、
New York festivals- International Television & Film Awards、
Vesoul International Film Festival、
International Women’s Film Festival in Seoul、
Guangzhou International Documentary Festival, China
Chinese Documentary Festival, Hong Kong
Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival
Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan
Kaouhsiung Film Festival, Taiwan
South Taiwan Film & Video Festival
Yilan Green International Film Festival, Taiwan
Shanghai Mecooon Film Festival, China


-  My Fancy High Heels, 2010
-        Wandering Island, six documentaries series,
- Bras, 2009
- Dresses, 2009
- Designers, 2009
- Blue Jeans, 2009
- Shoes, 2009
- El Salvador Journal, 2009
- The Gangster’s God, 2006.
-  Mouth of a Volcano, 2006.
-  Cockroach Confidential, 2005.
-  Squeezebox on the Road, 2003.
-  County Road 184, 2001.


  1. Could you advise on the distributor for HO Chao-ti's work?

    We would like to screen My Fancy High Heels at a film festival on January 2016.

    Thank you,